NORA Birthday Cake 2010

The modern Birthday cake; rectangular shape with only 18 candles, implies the youth of the birthday girl.
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Flowers Arrangement- Blue and White

                                              Colors Theme of the party was in blue and white.
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At the NORA Birthday Party Site....De Lovely

The party was held at Delovely, 2nd Floor of TOPS, Thonglor 4 on Sataurday, December 18, 2010.

The entire space of the cafe was reserved to the exclusive party only.
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NORA Birthday Preparation.

The photo shows Bluetoffee Team members, leading by Khun Jirayoot Wajanathawornchai, were preparing the front table at NORA Birthday Party on 2nd Floor of Tops, @Delovely, on Thonglor 4.
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