An eye for Gemstones - SUNDAY People

NORA Aphismai Phayackaporn had a good interview with Vimala Seneviratne of NST after her "Gemstones - a Thai love story" official book launch at MPH , Mid Valley- Kuala Lumpur.

Photo courtersy of News Straits Times, Sunday, August 16, 2009.

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Question for Meena

One of Accenture Partner had a question for Meena Thuraisingham at her talk on August 1, 2009.
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Meena 's Fan Club

Our Bluetoffee Manager, Jirayoot, posted with a young fan of Careers Unplugged.

Photo by: Nora A
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Thank you Flowers by BORDERS

Meena Thuraisingham was presented by a bouquet of flowers after her short talk on her book.
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Careers Unplugged - 2009

Meena Thuraisingham was at her event in Kuala Lumpur.

Photo by: Jirayoot W.
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Careers Unplugged @ Borders, KL

Nora and Raja were infront of the BORDERS , KL, to attend Meena Thuraisingham's CAREERS UNPLUGGED launch to Malaysian market.

Photo by: Jirayoot W.
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Diamonds in my pocket - July, 2009

Amanda Kovattana, in her elegant Thai silk top and hill triber pants, is reading out her book to the audience at Times Book Shop at the Pavillion, KL.
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Bluetoffee Editor

Han See , our Editor, is an M.C. for the Bluetoffee Book Launches events in Kuala Lumpur, 2009.
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Diamonds in my Pocket 2009

Raja Thuraisingham was checking scripts before the event started.

Photo by: J.W.
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Book Launch 2009 - KL

Nora A went to attend book launch at Times , Pavillion, KL, Malaysia.
Diamonds in my pocket was Amanda Kovattana's first book.

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